News Flash: Is Ethereum Classic [ETC] blockchain Under 51% Attack? Several blocks Reportedly Go Under Reorg

The news or the ‘unconfirmed rumors’ that Ethereum Classic is undergoing chain reorganization and was under double spend attack seems to be coming true. This was first reported by the security firm SlowMist and, over the last couple of hours, the blockchain has undergone several block reorganizations as reported by Ethereum Classic explorer BlockScout. Ethereum […]

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Coinfloor’s CoinFLEX Physical Bitcoin Futures Likely to Compete NYSE’s Bakkt

Back in March 2018, Coinfloor Exchange, one of the famous British cryptocurrency exchange had launched the ‘physically delivered cryptocurrency future exchange’ called CoinfloorEx. However, the recent report indicates that the firm is reforming the name of newly launched exchange from CoinfloorEx to CoinFLEX (Coin Futures and Lending Exchange). CoinFLEX backed by Industry Leaders The new […]

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Bitcoin and Trading Psychology

Every time you place a new Bitcoin trade, you’re being motivated by powerful internal belief systems. When you press the buy or sell button, it speaks volumes about your desires and intrinsic estimation of self-worth. When you hear bullish (bearish) news, your internal financial and self-esteem conditioning can even overreact, causing you to trade too […]

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